Saturday, 2 October 2010

2 Oct 2010 - Isbert Dam

The temperatures are still pretty high, and we have not been doing much walking lately. We have missed our weekly walks, but we wanted an easy one to get started again. The walk starts from Tormos, a small village just a few miles from Parcent. It was lovely to be back walking again, and Jan was showing off her new haversack.

We were surprised to find these stacks of boxes at the side of the track, as the oranges seemed to be very green. There were no sign of pickers as we passed, but when we returned four hours later quite a few of the boxes were full.

We soon reached the tunnel which leads to the dam. The tunnel was part of the railway line which was built to transport building materials to build the dam.

The tunnel is much darker than it appears in this photo, and a torch is recommended. On the other hand it is quite high and wide, and after quite a short distance you can see the exit.

It was cool and very pleasant in the tunnel, and by contrast seemed much hotter when we come into the sunshine again.

Just after the tunnel we came in view of the impressive dry river bed leading to the cleft in the hills where the dam is built.

The dam is something of a folly. The river bed is very porous and the water runs below ground. I am sure that it quickly fills when there is heavy rain, but has always been completely dry when we have visited.

There is always plenty of shade near the dam, and today was no exception. There are also plenty of flat rocks to sit on. Much of the walk is without shade, so this was very welcome.

This is a circular walk, and the path back to Tormos follows a shady road for about half of the journey. The second half is completely without shade, so a cool beer in the Cooperativea was very welcome.

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