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11 Oct 2010 - Javea

We met at Javea for our first Monday Club autumn walk, the same one we had done for the last of the spring walks. Despite a thunder storm on Saturday, and a weather forecast of possible rain, the morning was clear and sunny. And we were even able to sit to put our boots on, which even “super fit Peter” took advantage of!

Normally the sea is calm and smooth at Javea, so we were surprised to find Atlantic style waves breaking on the rocks. Apparently the forecast storms were out at sea. We had never seen the seas like this, but Pat confirmed that it was not that unusual.

We could have avoided this part of the walk, but felt that it added an extra challenge. It was not at all dangerous, but it was necessary to time it carefully to avoid the larger waves. I was trying to get some good photographs, forgot to time it, and got wet for my lack of attention.

We had a short break to enjoy the sight and sound of the crashing waves, before climbing uphill to continue our walk

Although we have walked here a few times, I can never remember the correct name of the next area. I think it might be Tosca. It is a well signposted nature reserve, with lovely views back to Javea and Montgo behind.

Our “banana stop” was at Sardine Bay. We have visited here before, and some of the group have had a swim. Today the sea was much too rough to consider a swim, and the area completely deserted.

was a bit chilly to stop for too long, and we were soon off again

Our lunch stop was Mar Azul. It is a lovely little sheltered bay, and despite the stone covered beach very popular. Mind there is a large car park, and that may explain why. Today was no exception, there was plenty to watch as we ate our picnic lunch. Although dogs are not allowed on the beach there were two who were having a great time running into the water and being swept back by the large waves.

Normally we return along the rocks around the bay, but Pat decided against that route today due to the waves breaking on the rocks. So we returned the way we had come. As we reached the road there is a picnic spot, where we had a short break to talk about coming walks.

Pat keeps a record of all our Monday Club walks, and used it to check which ones we had not done for some time. For the past year the road to Castells has been closed for repair. It is now open again and that allows us to revisit a range of favourite walks.

This walk normally starts with a long walk along the beach, and ends with a long walk along the road back to Javea. Today we had parked the cars to avoid both, so it was a short and easy walk back.

There is something about the sound of crashing waves, and we had a short sit to look and listen before driving back to Javea for our end of walk drink.

As always we ended the walk with a drink overlooking the beach at Javea. The local police had closed the beach, and we enjoyed watching the sea break over the wall and drench unwary walkers.

This was an excellent start to our new walking season. After a long and very hot summer the weather today was sunny but with a cool breeze – ideal weather for walking.

David's Photos

David has sent me some nice photographs of the walk, but they arrived too late for the blog. There are some nice ones of the group and well worth adding.

Next Walk

Our next walk will be Lleus to Pinos.

Meet at Lleus church at the usual time of 10am.

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