Saturday, 16 October 2010

16 Oct 2010 - Granadella

David and Rosemary invited us to join them for one of our favourite walks – Granadella beach. We were also joined by Alastair and Nakita, the son and girlfriend of one of their neighbours.

We were surprised to find so many Spanish hunters in the area, and were soon aware of the sound of nearby shooting. We passed a couple of them on the main path, and they warned us not to walk on Saturdays or Sundays as that was the day's that they went shooting. Damn nerve!

We ignored the warning, though David did blow his whistle every few minutes. I am not sure whether it attracted the attention of the hunters, but it nearly deafened me. He really does enjoy any opportunity to blow his whistle.

Going over the ridge is not Jan’s favourite part of the walk, but it does provide wonderful views of the coast.

Thanks to Alastair for this unusual photo of the four of us together.

Once over the ridge we saw, and heard, no more of the hunters. We soon arrived at the end of the ridge and this beautiful view of Granadella beach

The beach was busy, and the café’s all open. Nakita, Alastair and Rosemary all opted for an ice cream. Jan and I resisted the temptation as we have been on a diet for three weeks. An ice cream is about the same number of calories as a glass of wine. And if we have to give up our evening glass of wine we are not going to undo the benefit by having an ice cream. Sad or what?

As we neared the end of our walk we met a Dutch chap with an abandoned dog. Apparently someone has released five dogs and just drove off, possibly one of the hunters we had seen earlier. The poor animals were all terrified and obviously starved and ill treated. He had called the local police who attended to check if the dogs had a chip and if not would take them to the local pound. It’s so cruel to abandon these poor animals who then become a real nuisance as they roam the roads in search of food to survive.

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