Tuesday, 21 September 2010

20 Sep 2010 - Monday Club BBQ

We have not had any rain for at least six weeks, it was saving itself for the Monday Club BBQ arranged by Wendy and John. The morning had started overcast, then light rain and it was pouring down by the time we arrived at 4pm. It had been planned to sit outside, so all the chairs and tables had to be moved indoors.

John had to move the BBQ through the house onto the front naya, and he was soon busy cooking for the 14 of us. Despite the weather and the change in arrangements he did us proud.

Not only did Wendy have to deal with the weather, and the change in seating and table arrangements, but she also had to manage it all with a broken arm. Just a week ago she had fallen whilst on holiday, resulting in a lot of time spent in Valencia and Denia hospitals. She was very brave, and insisted that it hardly hurt at all!

At the end of our last Monday Club walk in May, Wendy invited the group to a BBQ at her house just before the start of the autumn walks. It was the last time we had all met, and we were really looking forward to seeing everyone again and hearing all the news of their summer activities.

Bob and Janet share a joke, but Barry seems a bit uncertain about the whole thing

Jan and Janet make the best of “ladies first” to get the pick of the large amount of food on offer.

Despite the weather we all had a great time. Good company, good food, lots of drink and no shortage of chat. Well done and thanks for an excellent BBQ to Wendy and John.

Next Walk

The first walk of the autumn season will be on Monday 11 October . Meet in the Masymas car park in Javea at 1000. The walk will be similar to our last walk in May. Pat did tell me the details, but that was after I had knocked back quite a few glasses of wine so I am doing quite well to remember the date and place.

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