Tuesday, 13 April 2010

12 Apr 2010 - Calpe to Lleus

Ann had offered to lead this walk, and it was nice to see her with the group again after a five month break. This walk is an old favourite of hers, and she also led it when we last did it in June 2007.

We were to meet on a minor dirt road near Calpe. We found the road without any problem, but could not find the start of the walk. We followed the narrow track for what seemed a very long time, and then saw Sylvia and Ken coming the other way! We returned to the start and found the rest of the group there. Eventually Ann had to come and find us and take us to the parking area.

This walk is much gentler than others that we do, and it was quite nice to have an “easy walk” for a change. Certainly no one complained that it was too easy, nor that we took an easy pace with lots of stops to admire flowers or take photographs. And we were very lucky with the weather, which was warm and sunny.

The walk was to the church at Lleus, and we arrived there with half an hour to spare. Despite this everyone was ready to eat, so we found a shaded spot and had our picnic lunch.

The church was being renovated, and watching the four workmen proved very popular. It was quite unusual in that they all wore “hard hats”, most unusual in my experience of Spanish workmen. There was also an impressive scaffold, though it was not attached to anything and looked quite dangerous. And of course the workmen threw loose tiles and bricks down from the roof without any concern for anyone who might be walking below.

The group watching work in progress. Its always very pleasant to take a well deserved break and watch someone else working hard. No one seemed in any great rush to get walking again.

Peter and Pat were not on this walk, but there were still 14 of us today. Pat and Mick are returning to UK next week, so the numbers may be down over the coming weeks. Indeed many of the regular walkers are “part timers”, but the numbers seem to remain 10-15 most weeks.

The walk was within sight of the motorway for much of the time, but we did not notice it much. Perhaps the fact that everyone was talking so much might have something to do with that…..

Each time we stopped for a short break Jan seemed to find something to sit on, everyone else just stood around with their haversacks on.

Today’s flower was Cytinus Hypocistis, according to Jan’s book “Mediterranean Wild Flowers”. Apparently this is a parasitic plant which lives on the roots of bushes of white flowered cistus.

Ken likes being “back marker” and today he had Mick and Tom for company

Next Week

Will be the old favourite Cavall Verde (or Green Horse). Meet at the usual place in Benimaurell to start walking at 10am.

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