Sunday, 11 April 2010

10 Apr 2010 - Orba Castle

It has been suggested that we might lead a Monday Club walk to Orba Castle, and we wanted to do a recce first to make sure that the river is fordable. This is one of our local walks and it’s nice not to have to drive to the start. You can even see the castle clearly from the end of our road.

The first part is a very easy stroll through the orange groves along the dry(ish) river bed towards Murla. The heights ahead is Cavall Verde (Green Horse) not Orba Castle.

There was more water in the river than usual, but it did not stop us walking along the river bed to Murla. We had to cross the water in two places, but it was not difficult.

The weather forecast had been particularly good, with a clear sunny day. For once it was wrong. When we started it was cold enough to require a jacket, though it soon heated up and the jackets were removed. But we had cloud all day, and when they covered the sun it could be quite cool. Good for walking mind.

There are two paths up to Orba Castle. The more difficult and longer one is favoured by most of the Monday Club, so that is the one we tackled today. On our own we normally take the easier route, and I had forgotten how steep and tiring the first part of this one could be.

Once the initial climb is done, there is a long walk along the crest over large slabs of rock. Not very difficult going, and providing excellent views back to Parcent and ahead to the castle itself.

And so to the castle itself. Jan climbed to the top whilst I fiddled with the camera to achieve this “stitched” wide angle view. One of my better efforts.

And from the same spot an example of the close up function. It is clear from Jan’s expression that she has had to wait longer than she wanted for me to finish the photography.

Jan wanted at least one photo of me. Her photographs are getting much better, there was a time when as often as not part of my head would be missing.

Another attempt at “stitching”. You have to take three adjoining photographs, and each one has to match the previous one. A very small image of the previous one is shown on the viewer and has to be matched up with the next photo. Unfortunately the image is not very clear and matching is very difficult. But still pleased with this attempt

We used the easier route to descend from the castle. It is not as well marked as the official one, but is obviously well used if this cairn is anything to go by.

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