Friday, 16 April 2010

15 Apr 2010 - Green Horse

We have been asked to lead the Cavall Verde (Green Horse) walk for the Monday Club next week, and we have not done it ourselves since last year. So we were quite pleased when David and Rosemary suggested that we do it today as a “recce”.

We had hardly started the walk when David’s mobile phone rang. It was his insurance company about his renewal. The joys of modern communications!

After two dull, and often wet, days we saw some improvement today. It was cloudy and cool, but remained dry all day. After our climb we were warm enough to remove our jackets, but we needed them when we had our picnic lunch.

Unfortunately the widespread low cloud meant it was not suitable for taking photographs of the views. A shame, because this favourite walk does offer great views. Even today they were impressive, sort of moody and atmospheric. But the photographs I took made it all look pretty grim.

After the recent rain the ground was wet in places, but the rocks were dry and the going was quite good. So providing it does not rain on Monday we will do the walk again then. Lets hope that we have better luck with the weather.

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