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24-31 Dec 2010 - Christmas at Rothbury

The snow came early to Rothbury this year, in November we had heard on the BBC news of the disruption it has caused in and around the town.   But we were not prepared for just how bad it was.

On Christmas Eve we all walked down to the town to do some last minute shopping and see just how bad it was.
With a four year old in the house Christmas Morning started early, we were opening presents at 6am

Jans favourite present this year was Georgia, who provided most of the early morning entertainment

Boxing Day found us all walking into Rothbury again, but this time we included the park.  There was a lot of packed ice on the paths and it was safer to walk in the loose snow.

Difficult enough on two feet, but even more so when struggling with a buggy.

The roads were too difficult to use the car much, so we had a lazy day at home on 27 December.   The boys kept busy playing with their new toys…..
…and Jan played with her favourite present
On Tuesday Stuart and Michelle took Georgia shopping with them, and we took Jack to the park again.
The plan was to feed the ducks, but Jack quite likes bread and insists of equal shares
Wednesday found us in the park again.   The earlier clear skies had been replaced by heavy mist, it was bitterly cold and the park was completely empty, not even the usual dog walkers in sight.
Jack was quite pleased to spend another day in the park.  On our first day he picked up this stick, and insisted on writing his name in the snow every few yards.

The park looked really magical with the winter sun shining through the mist

 Jan tried to get Jack to retrieve his stick when she threw it for him, but he found it more fun for him to throw the stick and Jan to retrieve it

Thursday was another day at home, but Jan was quite happy to be able to spend more time with Georgia

It will be nice to get back to warmer weather in Spain, but we this is something we are both going to miss - a lot..

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