Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1 Dec 2010 - Pedreguer

Having missed our Monday walk due to bad weather, we were determined to join the CBMW from Pedreguer if the weather improved.   This morning was bright and sunny when we arrived at Pedreguer for the start of the walk.   Quite a small group for CBMW, only 24 on the walk.

This was a new walk, though we did join our usual path on the way back.   We started at the usual place, but then walked through Pedreguer to join the path.   As we started the walk it was sunny and very clear, though quite cold.
As always there is a steep climb from Pedreguer, and we had all warmed up by the “banana stop”.   More of a “remove some clothing stop” really.

I had spent the last two days in the house, so I was more than ready for some fresh air.   The walk was at a very good pace, and we had plenty of time to admire the lovely views.

It was too cold to stop for long, so we made very good progress.
Font Coberta was new to me.   We normally walk to the south and east of Pedreguer, this was to the north east.  
Jan and Rosemary seem to be enjoying the walk.
Unfortunately it clouded over for our lunch break, so the jackets and jumpers were put on again.   Lovely spot, with excellent views.  

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