Tuesday, 16 November 2010

4 Nov 2010 - Bolulla Castle

Last week David did this walk with CBMW, starting from the castle itself.   It involved a longer drive over the Col de Rates and past Tarbena, then up a steep road to park near the castle.   He wanted to do a recce to confirm the route, and asked us to join him.

We have walked this area many times in the past, but this time it would be in reverse.   After a short, but steep, climb from the car we arrived at the castle.   From here we walked towards kilometer seven, which is where this walk used to start.   We were lucky to have a sunny day with a light breeze, ideal for walking.  And not too cold for sitting either!   

We made good progress, and had soon passed the half way point.  We then joined a small path, which was often very difficult when coming in the opposite direction.  But today it was much easier, even though it was quite slippery due to being shaded from the sun.

A little short of three hours into the walk we reached the top of the hill overlooking Bolulla castle.   Walking in the opposite direction we usually had lunch at the castle, and then had to tackle this long and steep hill immediately afterwards. 

Today we had lunch at the top of the hill.   The wind was quite cold but we managed to find a sheltered spot which was also a sun trap.

We always make a point of finding a good spot for lunch, and today was no exception with lovely views of Bernia and the coast towards Benidorm.

As we were about to pack up after lunch we discovered that we had a small visitor sitting on Rosemary’s bag.

The next hour was downhill to the castle.   Much easier than our usual climb up, but on a poor track which required care to avoid a slip on the loose stones.

Including our banana and lunch breaks, it took about four hours to get back to the castle.  We were in no hurry to finish, so we had another short break before walking downhill to the car.

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