Sunday, 21 November 2010

15 Nov 2010 - El Cau

 It was a good turn out for our first Monday Club walk after our return from Morocco.   It was almost a smaller group, because Pat went to the wrong start point.  It was two weeks ago since our last walk, and we arranged to do this walk today and one from Lliber next week.   When Pat, who was leading the walk, did not arrive by 1000 we gave her a ring and she was waiting at Lliber!  So we were a little late starting the walk today.

El Cau is one of those hills with a lot of false summits.  There was a difference about how many, some said five, some six some seven.   You can see five in this photo, but there may well be more behind that left hand peak.

It was another lovely day.   Bright and sunny, with a cool breeze.  Ideal for hill walking.   Looking at that sky its hard to believe it is late November.

We soon reached the first peak, and a short halt to take off the first layer of clothing.

And a look back at the Jalon Valley with its familiar peaks, including the familiar two peaks of the “Green Horse” on the left.

Then it was off again to tackle the second peak.  

 Then it was time for our first “banana stop”

And time to admire the view towards Calpe and the coast

Each peak is a little more difficult than the last, but we had frequent stops to recover from the climb.

As we got higher the wind became stronger and colder, so some of that clothing we had removed earlier was put on again for another short break

This time the view was towards Montgo, Denia and the coast.

This was the final peak, and we were promised lunch at the top

Last time we did this walk it was too cold to sit on the top, but today the same spot seemed to be sheltered from the wind

 It was really pleasant sitting in the warm sun, pleasantly tired from the walk and eating our picnic lunch.   This is really what “The Monday Club” is all about.   Good walks at a reasonable pace, good company and  lovely views
All too soon it was time to commence the walk, this time downhill.

There are a few difficult parts of the downhill path, but there is always someone to offer a helpful hand.

Next Week

Next week we all attempt the one Pat was ready to do this week – Lliber.   Not sure what the name of it is, but it’s the one which joins up with another walk we did last year from Pedreguer.   We will meet at the Jalon side of Lliber.

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