Friday, 20 August 2010

1 to 14 Aug 2010 - Visit to UK

We have just returned from a two week visit to UK to help look after our grandson Jack whilst his mum is busy presenting him with a new sister.

Last Christmas Jack’s favourite movie was called something like “Ice Age”. It featured three baby dinosaurs, and Michelle used this to explain to him that his mummy was also going to have a baby soon. We were quite worried that he might be disappointed if she did not bring home a cute dinosaur.

Our first few days involved a lot of walking into Rothbury with Jack, and always involved a visit to the local park and an ice cream or a similar treat. There is a charity shop that has a box of old toys for a few pennies each, and that was always a favourite with him. He also liked to feed the ducks, but found it hard to understand that the bread was for them and not him.

Much as he enjoyed the novelty of walking to the park with his grandparents, his favourite was always playing one of his computer games with dad.

Just two days after we arrived Michelle gave birth to Georgia, a beautiful 8 pounds 3 ounces little bundle of joy.

The next day we all went to visit her in hospital. Jack appeared to be not too disappointed that Georgia did not look a lot like the baby dinosaur, and Jan would not put her down.

A few days later Michelle and Georgia arrived home. Jack took to his new role of big brother with ease, and both Stuart and Michelle took pains to keep him involved with his new sister.

We were still in demand to take him to the local park. He would insist on taking his new scooter, and would ride on it all the way downhill to the park. His granddad would carry it all the way uphill back to his house.

When Stuart was this age I used to swap my half eaten ice cream for his new one. Jack is much more street wise. He is pointing out that the one with very little left is Granddad’s and he is not letting go of his one.

Jack recently spent a weekend in a caravan, and loved the experience. We wanted to get him a toy one, and were sold on this one because the car looks just like his mum’s. He thought so too, and loved it.

When he got tired of playing with his caravan he was encouraged to play with his sister, under strict supervision. However we need not have worried, he was very gentle and affectionate.

We had our fair share of typical English summer weather – grey skies and light rain. But on the rare sunny days we made the best of it. A sunny morning decided us to go into Morpeth for a picnic lunch in the park.

After lunch Stuart, Michelle and Jack took to the water, whilst Jan and I looked after Georgia.

Morpeth has a lovely park, and at this time of year it is full of both locals and tourists making the most of it.

Stuart and Jack ambled off along the river to do some “man bonding” as he showed Jack how to skim rocks

And what better way to finish off the day than tackling he “stepping stones” – quite an adventure at Jack’s age.

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