Monday, 5 July 2010

3 July 2010 - Parcent to Jalon

Its a few weeks since the Monday Club stopped walking for the summer. We have done a few short walks since, but have missed our “proper walks”. In fact it’s been much cooler since the decision was made, and most Mondays since have been considerably cooler than our final walk. So we decided to walk into Jalon from Parcent. This is a regular CBMW walk, and one we have done with the Monday Club in the past. We can see the start of the walk from the house, its just to the right of Parcent church tower.

We normally walk into Jalon along the valley path, and back along the hillside path. But this involves a steady climb from Jalon, and it was too hot for that. So we decided to do the walk in reverse.

Before we reached the hillside path this lovely horse came trotting down a side track and across our path. There is a stables nearby, and we assume that he somehow got free from there.

We both have “foreign legion” hats. They do not look very smart, but they are very effective on very hot and sunny days. We usually keep the flaps up when we are walking in the town, and only put them down when we are out of sight of non walkers

This higher path is always cooler than in the valley, and parts of it are shaded. We had left Parcent at 10am, so it was very pleasant and reasonably cool.

The best views on this walk are going towards Parcent, but this way also provides changing views towards the coast.

Earlier this year we noticed that quite a few of our regular walks are now signposted, including this one. The small square on the tree is made of plastic, but already many of them have been damaged, whether on purpose or not I don’t know.

As we neared Jalon we passed the goat farm. Most of them were in the shade, but a couple were sat on top of a pile of rotting oranges. They were obviously not as offended by the strong smell as we were.

Both of the café’s in Jalon square were packed. Usually the Spanish sit inside, and only “mad dogs and Englishmen……” However there were quite a few Spanish families outside today and we enjoyed watching the young children in the play area.

We took longer than usual on our coffee con letche and toastada, but eventually we had to face the return journey. If there were a bus service from Jalon to Parcent we would have been tempted, but there is not. It was now very hot and it took us much longer, even though we were on the valley path.

This isolated church is our favourite rest place during the hotter weather. There is a deep naya, and it is always cool. It seems to attract any wind available, and the noise of the leaves is very restful. I often hang my shirt outside to dry, but it was not necessary today

In hot weather this last mile is by far the worse part of the walk. There is no shade from the sun, and the white path is so bright you have to squint even with sun glasses.

And then we reach Parcent. Our house is one of those on the right, below the twin peaks of The Green Horse. As you can see there is a steep climb up from Parcent.

However we had cheated. As we often do in the summer we left our car just outside Parcent to avoid the steep climb to the house. It takes about 20 minutes from Parcent, and in parts is very steep. We always feel guilty when we drive down from the house, but very grateful when we reach the car at the end of the walk.

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