Tuesday, 20 July 2010

19 July 2010 - Paul and Jean Visit

Paul has wargamed with us for many years, but Jean is a relative newcomer to the hobby. It was nice that Jan and I could play on the same side rather than against each other.

Paul and Jean have recently moved to Spain, and were very interested in Jans collection of Spanish Gardening books. Not a subject which I know much, or indeed anything, about.

This time of year it is never long before the heat gets too much and it’s in to the pool to cool off.

In the evening we went to a local restaurant. We had booked a table outside, but it had turned very windy so we ate inside instead. We were the only ones to do so, and we were quite pleased to note that they had to struggle to control their table cloth.

Despite the large selection of starters, I could not find one I liked except for my usual soup. However I was impressed when it arrived as I had obviously chosen the best looking one.

Paul had clearly chosen the largest one. Don’t be fooled by the bottle of water that was mine as I was driving. The menu includes a half bottle of wine or a bottle of water. Mind I did have a small glass of wine in exchange for sharing my water.

Next day we went to the marina at Denia. Another very hot day, so we did not walk far. In fact we had to abandon the elevated path to the lighthouse and seek shade below.

It’s always nice viewing the “rich people’s toys”, and today was no exception.

There are lots of bars and cafes around the marina, but this is our favourite. Lots of deep shade to keep the heat at bay whilst we had a coffee and watched the world goes by.

It was then back home for a little more of this…….

….and quite a lot more of this.

We plan to visit each other each month or so, and if they are all as pleasant as this weekend we will be very pleased.

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