Wednesday, 26 May 2010

24 May 2010 - Gata

We met in the centre of Gata and used this new riverside walk to reach the start of our walk. We were impressed at how well made it was, particularly on the outskirts of such a small town. No doubt the result of a generous EU grant.

I was not aware that there were rockface climbs at Gata, but Ken was quick to point out on this new information board one that he had done himself.

The summer has arrived at last, and it was very warm this morning. So we were glad to take advantage of one of the many seating areas along the new river walk.

We soon joined the track and started to climb on the walk proper. Fortunately there was a cool breeze, or we would have found it heavy going. It’s only in the past few days that the temperature has risen, and in another few weeks it will be too hot to walk at all – other than a stroll along the promenade on the coast.

We soon entered the woods, and I stopped for a “comfort stop”. I took this photo and then set off to catch up with the group. It was a winding path, and I could see no sign of them. This was a new walk, and I did not know the route. They had turned uphill on a path which was signed as not an official track, and I set off along the path we usually used. Within a few minutes it was clear that they must have turned off, and I had to go back and join the uphill track. I soon caught met up with Pat, who was coming downhill looking for me. Needless to say I got little sympathy for getting lost!

I was pleased to reach the next “water stop”. I was hot and tired having done my extra leg of the walk, and then we had this hill to climb. But at least we could find a shaded area to have our break, and I soon recovered.

Then it was time to tackle Tossal del Mora. It is not as high or steep as Soldates, which is the hill we usually climb from Gata. That is the one with the very steep incline which seems to go on forever. This one is a relatively easy climb, but still a challenge on such a hot day.

David found this “red flag” and we gathered around for this “great explorers” photograph.

There was no shade on the top of the hill, but it there was a cool wind, so we had a short break to recover from the climb and to admire the views of the coast and Montgo.

Then it was time to carry on to our picnic spot. This was the worse part of the walk, as the path was covered in loose rocks and stones. We had to take it very slow, and watch every foot fall. It’s always more difficult going down than up, and you soon feel it in your neck and leg muscles.

Lunch was at Font de la Mata. We have not been here for a few years, and I had forgotten how nice it is. It is a large shaded area, and some kind souls had created a natural table and seating area.

We were almost ready to leave when Peter discovered steps leading down to a deep well. There was a bucket of water on the top of the steps, which David knocked over when he went to explore. So he had to refill it helped by Ken.

Pat then realised that there were a series of stone water containers nearby, presumably for animals and livestock. So she soon organised Ken to help her fill them.

We were sorry to leave our cool lunch spot, but it was time to make our way downhill back to Gata.

As we neared the town we could see the extent of the new river walk, very impressive indeed. An excellent “new” walk or at least one we had not done for a few years. Everyone enjoyed it, and no doubt it will not be so long before we do it again.

Next Week

Meet in the Masymas car park in Javea. I think the walk is to cap prim, not sure as I was not paying enough attention when Pat was explaining it! We start in the car park near Scallops, go along the beach then up the hill and so on. Start at 10am.

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