Tuesday, 27 April 2010

26 Apr 2010 - Orba Castle

Our walk to Orba Castle did not start well, when David realised that he had not brought his walking boots. Fortunately the walk started from Parcent, and passed our house, so David was able to borrow my spare boots for the walk.

It was a much warmer day than our recce walk a couple of weeks ago and even less water in the river. So we had no trouble walking to Murla along the river bed.

A short water stop, and a photo opportunity, when we reached the abandoned restaurant at Murla. It’s always sad to visit the ruin of what should have been a very popular and enjoyable place to visit. It was closed two years ago because the owner opened without the necessary official approval and was subsequently closed down and he was bankrupt.

Another break in the village of Murla. Unlike recent walks we needed somewhere in the shade today as it was so warm.

There are two routes to the castle. A longer one climbing the hill and walking along the ridge and a shorter one walking to the start of the climb directly below the castle itself. We felt that it might be better to split the walk in two, and let the stronger climbers tackle the longer route. It was agreed that everyone would follow the more difficult route, but 5 of the 14 decided not to attempt the hill and returned to Murla to wait for those who did.

Wonderful views from the castle, but unfortunately not much shade from the sun. However there was the usual variety of butterflies, which was one of the main attractions of the walk.

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