Saturday, 3 April 2010

2 Apr 2010 - Granadella

David and Rosemary have just returned to Spain after a few weeks in UK and wanted to do an old favourite walk. Granadella is one of their “local” walks, and we have not done it this year. We met at their house in Moraira and drove to the start at Combre del Sol in our car.

It was Easter Friday when we did the walk, and the area was much busier than usual. During the walk we passed more walkers than normal, even a few Spanish.

David has found a number of alternative walks in this area, but today was my favourite option. It starts with a level walk for half an hour to a view point. Then a scramble over the headland, to another view point where these photos were taken.

We have David to thank for this photo which he took with our camera. Although we are still a long way from Granadella, there are good views of the beach from this point.

We are soon making our way down the far side of the headland, and have good views of our lunch picnic spot. This abandoned castle was built in the late eighteenth century, and was used during the Napoleonic Wars. I have been told that it was once fired upon by an enemy ship, but not sure whether it was French or British (the Spanish had both as allies at different times).

We were lucky to have the fort to ourselves for most of the time we spent there. There were a couple of other visitors but none who stayed for more than a short look at the lovely view.

Being a Bank Holiday there were a lot more boats than usual. David and Rosemary have their own boat in UK and described the advantages and disadvantages of the different boats we watched go past.

Today was pretty well ideal weather for walking, and indeed sitting. It was quite chilly this morning as we left Parcent, and we both wore our jackets. But by mid morning the sun had warmed up the day, and we began the walk in shirtsleeves. By midday it was warm, but with a cooling breeze. So although the fort is very open and provides little shelter from the elements, there was no problem today.

It was so nice sitting at the fort that we stayed longer than usual. With the Monday Club we would normally restrict lunch to half an hour, but we could please ourselves today. I suspect it was nearer to an hour before we got going again.

The path from the fort to Granadella beach involves a steep climb and a couple of places where there is a chain fixed to the rock where the path is too dangerous on its own. Health and Safety is not taken as seriously here as in UK!

From a distance the beach looked fairly quiet, but when we reached it we found the whole area packed with parked cars. The main attraction seemed to be the two restaurants, rather than the beach itself.

I bought my new camera because I wanted to be able to take wide angle views. It does it by means of “stitching”. You take three photos and the camera combines them into one. However the edges of the three photographs have to match, and I have not quite got the technique right yet.

It was a very pleasant walk. We returned to Moraira to freshen up, and then went to Teulada for a meal in Las Vegas. A very nice way to end a very nice day.

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