Saturday, 6 February 2010

6 Feb 2010 - Pedreguer

We often travel through Pedreguer on our way to Denia or Javea. It is one of the least attractive towns in the area, and we had never been tempted to stop and explore. So we were quite surprised when David and Rosemary asked us if we would like to go with them on a recce walk to see if we could find a suitable walk for the Monday Club.

We parked near the old town, an area we had not seen before. At the start of the walk is this new area map, with different walks marked on it. This is something new to the area, previously there was a distinct lack of suitable maps or walk markings. However over the last year they have suddenly appeared on many of our walks. It’s a wonderful area for hill walking, and it looks like the local tourist information offices have decided to make them more accessible.

The walk starts with a steady climb on a very good mosarabic trails.

Not only was the route well marked with yellow and white markings, but also we found finger posts at each track junction. Unfortunately they are quite flimsy, and already many of them have fallen apart.

In less than an hour we had completed the climb, and took a break at this cleared circular area. A lot of work had gone into clearing the area, and we wondered whether it might be a connected to fire fighting, perhaps a helicopter landing site.

The next section of the walk was along this level and clearly defined track. On such a good path it was not necessary to watch where you put your feet, so we could admire the views of the mountains and coast.

The only drawback was the very strong winds. At times we had to lean into the wind to stand upright. This tree gives a good indication of how strong the wind was. Note also the yellow and white route mark on the trunk.

At the next junction we started to make our way downhill. This was the hardest going of the whole walk. The path was steep with lots of loose rocks and rubble. In parts there were signs of water damage, which made the going very difficult.

We eventually arrived at Font d’Aixa, our lunch spot. This is a lovely spot, which we had visited a couple of time previously on a different walk. This time we had it all to ourselves, and realised how quiet it was as we listened to the bird song. As we were sheltered from the wind it was very warm and we were reluctant to get started again.

A short, but steep, climb followed to get back on the path back to Pedreguer. Then it was downhill for an hour or so.

The walk had taken six hours, and in parts the track was quite difficult. Possible not suitable for the Monday Club. But it is a lovely area, with a lot of different walk options, and I am sure we will find a suitable walk eventually.

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